Colour Analysis

Learn how to recognise your best colours quickly & easily

We begin with the facts behind how & why colours work; why different shades of colours suit different people.

Next, by using a set of precision dyed swatches, you see for yourself firstly whether your skin tone is cool or warm & then if softer or brighter shades look best on you. It’s truly amazing what a difference the ‘right’ colours make.

Finally, I show you your best make up colours that we now know will make you look & feel fabulous!

You take home a Personalised Colour Wallet & the skills to recognise your best colours to make shoppping & dressing quicker & easier.

Duration: As part of a group 1 day / Private 1:1 session 3 hours

Price: As part of a group £140 per person /  Private 1:1 session £200

Includes: A Personal Wallet of your colours to make shopping easier

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