For Men and Women

First impressions count!

In the first 90 seconds we form an opinion

  • 67% based on the way we look
  • 28% the voice
  • 5% what we say

It takes another 20 meetings to undo a poor first impression.

The good news is…  it is within your control to create a good, authentic first impression.

You will benefit from ‘Colours for Business’ if you…

  • Have had your colours analysed but realise some of your brightest colours worn head to toe are not your best for formal occasions or business
  • Want to discover which of your colours carry the most authority, and which create the biggest impact
  • Don’t know your best options for suits, shirt / blouse, tie / splash of colour

What to expect

  • We spend some time discussing the situations you are likely to encounter, and the impression you want to give
  • As in your Colour Analysis you try on every one of your season’s colours, I advise you of it’s best use
Lisa and colourful mosaic Lisa Fisher Colour and Style

Duration: 1 1/2 hours

Price: £65

Includes: Your season of colours rated for authority and impact, make up to go with these

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