Your personal shopping trip can be anywhere of your choice. I regularly shop in Ledbury, Hereford, Cheltenham, Birmingham, Cardiff and Bristol.

I can also offer on-line personal shopping. You can then try purchases on in your own home or my studio and I'll give you feedback.

You will benefit from a Personal Shopping trip if you...

  • Hate shopping
  • Love shopping but never find what you're looking for
  • If you have a special occasion to shop for, a holiday, or just need help shopping more successfully
  • Have tried a 'Personal Shopper' in-store but felt pressurised to buy what they are 'selling', and that they don't know you. I offer totally impartial advice and have discovered with you your best colours and your style
Shopping centre Lisa Fisher Colour and Style

What to expect

  • We will discuss beforehand the type of items you are looking for, it is perfect (but not essential) if I have recently done a wardrobe review with you
  • I will do some research before we meet to save time
  • I will teach you how to shop more efficiently and focused, using what we know from your Colour and Style class
  • You will learn how to make quick decisions
  • You will develop and embed your knowledge about your personal Colours & Style
  • You  will be introduced to new shops you hadn't considered before
Lady with shopping bags Lisa Fisher Colour and Style

Duration: 2 hours minimum but often sufficient

Price: £60 per hour

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