Do you always tie your scarf the same way?

You will benefit from a Scarf Tying Workshop if you…

  • Love scarves and want to discover different ways to wear them
  • Hate scarves and don’t know how to wear them
  • Don’t know what shape and size of scarf suits you
Scarf typing workshops from Lisa Fisher Colour and Style

What to expect

  • This is a really fun session
  • Learn how scarves can keep you warm, add another colour or pattern for impact, or be a cover up for on the beech
  • You can bring your own scarves and use mine here
  • We use many different sizes and shapes of scarf, I demo and then you try out and learn many techniques
  • We see that different ties suit different people, depending on many variables such as neck length, body proportions and personality
  • You take away the step by step instructions marked with your favorites to stun your friends.

How many people?

This workshop can be run for up to 10 people.

If you want the workshop run privately for a larger group, or at your location please contact me.

Duration: 2 1/2 hours

Price: £25

Includes: Instructions

Contact me