Caroline Prentice

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I was given a colour class as a 50th birthday present and in all honesty had no idea what it was all about until the morning of my appointment. We arrived at Lisa’s house and felt very welcome, after a lovely cup of coffee got down to the business of ‘colours’! After an eye opening time of going through the colours and discovering my season we then worked out the best of those colours on me, it was incredible the difference it could make.
Once the colours were determined Lisa then moved on to make up and as someone who has never really worn lipstick this too was an eye opener.
We left feeling both excited and daunted at the prospect of going through our wardrobes and sorting out all the clothes but also with a new found confidence in the final result.
Since meeting with Lisa I have been through my clothes and discovered that I wasn’t doing it ALL wrong! but instead of throwing things out I have got very busy with Dylon fabric dye so all of my once white clothes are now a multitude of autumn colours! I have also been wearing lipstick every day as instructed and using all the other make up tips Lisa gave and have had several nice comments about the way I look.
Overall it was a lovely and fascinating experience that I would recommend to anyone.