Most women wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time

Once you know your Colours & Style we can turn that around. Do you feel like you have a wardrobe bursting at the edges but nothing to wear?

Messy Wardrobe Lisa Fisher Colour and Style

You will benefit from a Wardrobe Review & Declutter if you…

  • Don’t wear all of your clothes in a year
  • Can’t see what you have and often can’t find things or forget things
  • Have things in your wardrobe you don’t wear, or don’t know what to wear with them

What to expect

  • For a wardrobe review and declutter I visit your home
  • You will learn more about your colours and style
  • I will show you outfit ideas you had not thought of before using your existing wardrobe, that work for your lifestyle
  • We also evaluate your accessories, shoes and coats
  • We make a wish list of items I recommend should be your next purchases if needed
  • I will show you how to store and manage your clothes so you can see them easily, see what you are wearing, and what you have forgotten
  • I will leave you with tidy drawers and wardrobes, a pile to sell / charity / recycle, and a lovely lighter feeling
  • You will find items that you loved but forgot you still owned
  • You will feel excited when deciding what to wear

You will be sorting and trying on items for most of the session. The time it takes will depend on the number of wardrobes you have, and the amount you have in them.

You will save money – By the process of identifying the gaps you will be less likely to buy items randomly.

You will wear more of your items more of the time – You will discover how you can make better use of more items.

You will feel lighter -The emotional experience of cleansing your wardrobe is incredibly releasing. Just walking back into your bedroom, knowing the space behind the closed doors is tidy and organised gives you a fantastic feeling.

Duration: For most people 2 hours is perfect

Price: £60 per hour

Includes: An easy to manage wardrobe, photos of outfits and list of gaps to fill

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